Re: Bluebirds: … Flashback

Re: Bluebirds: Fledglings feeding Nestlings! (Original posts July 2009)

Hi all,

Dredging up this old thread from July now just to let our friends here know that the North American Bluebird Society (NABS) has published a 2 page article in their Fall Journal featuring our family Blue. The article describes the (fairly rare) behavior we documented of our 1st and 2nd-nest fledges assisting with the feeding and fledging of their 3rd-nest siblings. Many of the photos as well as excerpts from this post are included in the magazine story.

Two short video clips documenting this behavior can also be seen here:!i=582905909&k=Wdree&lb=1&s=A!i=587958904&k=b2b7D&lb=1&s=A

It’s a big honor for us and our Bluebirds, and we wanted to share that with everyone here.


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