The Finch Connection – Virtual Galleries

This is Qwerty, a juvenile House Finch. And in this post we use him to illustrate a special feature of our Smugmug site, known as Virtual Galleries.

At the bottom of each image in our galleries you will find a set of keywords for that image. This normally includes the species name, and sometimes various other key attributes specific to the subject of the image. By clicking on these keywords the gallery you’re viewing is automatically  filtered to display all and only the images containing the keyword(s) clicked. This feature allows easy configuration of our image collections to display “virtual galleries” of  All Bluebirds, or All Cardinals, or All Woodpeckers… etc.

The image of Qwerty above is linked to such a virtual gallery of All House Finches. The Virtual Gallery widget in the sidebar on the right is linked to another themed slideshow which we change periodically.

We hope some of you will find this feature useful, and enjoy using Virtual Galleries to see and study collections of your favorite birds.


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