Not our Bluebirds

This is Missy, into her summer moult and frazzled with 15 new fledges to chase.
She is the mother of 77 baby Bluebirds, over the course of 6 seasons and 17 consecutive nestings here:

This is Ben, Missy’s handsome and dutiful mate:

Some shots of them together:

These are their 5 fledglings from nest 2011-4:

You can see ALL of “Missy’s Kids” here:

We do call them “our” Bluebirds of course because they’ve been with us every day for nearly 6 years. But they are indeed wild birds and free, and we know how lucky we are that they’ve chosen to raise their family here. In truth, they are not our birds…

…we’re their people.

We hope you enjoy them,


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