Making the most of The Moult

We photograph our birds pretty much every day here, all year-round. You could say we’re kinda like the mailman… except we photograph the birds on Sundays and holidays also. Shooting everyday, there are naturally periods thruout the year when it’s more difficult to get good shots with the variations in seasons, weather, and other factors. One such other factor is the moulting, that time when the birds shed old feathers to replace them with fresh new ones… (the occurance and duration of which varies with the different species as well as amongst individual birds). For many of our birds moulting occurs twice a year roughly during late summer and late winter, but each bird in its time will gradually shed its well-worn plumage to grow a brand new coat. This process temporarily renders their appearance as not very photogenic. But we photograph them anyway, and there are always some captures which are endearing or humorous, despite these ragged metamorphoses.

Click the moulting Cardinal below to see a slideshow which includes many photos of various songbird species in the midst of their summer moult. Some are hatch-year juveniles or fledglings who are transitioning from their baby fluff into their first adult plumage… And many are adults shedding their springtime mating plumage to don new winter coats.

We hope you enjoy them,


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