Hi all,

This time we would like to share some woodpecker images…

These were all taken in our suburban backyard habitat (mid-west USA), and are posted here roughly in the order from most commonly seen to least. Links to additional images of each species, some including both sexes as well as adults and juveniles, follow each of the photos.


Red-bellied Woodpecker photos


Downy Woodpecker photos

Northern Flicker:

Northern Flicker photos

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker:

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker photos


Hairy Woodpecker photos


Pileated Woodpecker photos


Red-headed Woodpecker photos

We hope you enjoy these,


3 thoughts on “Woodpeckers

  1. We’re currently shooting with 5 different cameras and use various teleconverter lenses on some of them. Most of the equipment we use is manufactured by Canon, and all of the images in this post were taken with various Canon cameras. But our gear-list also includes equipment by Sony, and Fuji…

    You can see our Fuji S100fs (with Canon DC58a TC lens mounted) here:
    (Click on the photo to see some images we’ve taken with it.)

    You can also see our Canon S3-IS (with Sony DH1758 TC) here:

    We will be doing more camera-specific posts here in the near future, where we’ll talk further about all our photographic equipment.

    Thanks for your comments.


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