Superzoom Robin Series

Hi all,

This time we have something a little different… Still our beloved backyard birds of course, but here we choose a series of American Robin images which include several individual birds at various ages, various distances, and taken with various superzooms (…mostly Canons).

SX30 @35ft

SX40 @16ft

SX40 @16ft

S100fs @12ft

SX30 @12ft

SX50 @12ft

P510 @12ft

SX50 @12ft (100% crop)

You can see our entire collection of American Robin images in high resolution here:!i=2241821774&k=g487k3L

We hope you enjoy them.



One thought on “Superzoom Robin Series

  1. Terrific images. I’m looking to pick up a superzoom camera to take photos of backyard birds and your website and comments are invaluable.

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