Cardinal Family

We spend a lot of time hosting Bluebirds here, but there are several other songbird species who also make our backyard habitat their home. Here are some shots of our Cardinal family.




Their Fledglings:

The Parents together:

You can see all our Cardinal photos in higher resolutions here:!i=3390887936&k=gnXdvsh


Happy Birding everyone,



5 thoughts on “Cardinal Family

  1. I just discovered your website and WOW!

    I have owned an SX50 for about 2 years now. I am quite comfortable with it’s controls, and I feel I have a good command of the functionality of the camera.

    That being said, I have never been able to create images anything remotely as sharp as you folks. I appreciate that experience has a lot to do with this but……

    Is most of what we are seeing your experience with post processing, or is the majority of what we are seeing your ability to control the image via the camera?

    Do you have any sections on here where you show the RAW untouched image and then give a “tutorial” on how you accomplished the finished product?

    This question comes to you from a serious amateur photographer and serious rookie post processor.


    • Hi Steve, thanks for your comments.

      Processing is a crucial aspect of creating a satisfying photograph, and developing skills with image editing software can be one of the best investments a photographer can make in his craft. But a sharply focused well-exposed capture should always be the first goal, and the SX50 is a very good tool for accomplishing this when shot to its strengths. We prefer to shoot in Manual mode, and develop either from RAW or “detuned” jpegs (using reduced in-cam settings)… generally avoiding all automatic functions except for AF. This way, we control exposures and the camera never over-processes any aspect of the photo. If we begin with that, the processing needed is usually minimal.

      You can find several articles describing our shooting methods and workflow here on the blog. See:

      You can also find numerous forum posts covering these topics, with many tips and additional “before & after” illustrations, at Digital Photography Review – Canon Talk Forum:

      Hope this is helpful,


      • Thanks for getting back so quickly, and thank even more for sharing your knowledge. Simply moving the feeders to with 15ft. of my vantage point has made all the difference!!

        I too like the manual mode, but I’ve been finding that AV stepped down 2 steps works well also.

        I am amazed at the difference I’ve been able to accomplish after following some of your very subtle but crucial tips.


        If I want to print these either in 4 x 6 or 8 x 10, what is the best format to save them in. I have many choices in Canon’s DPP “convert and save” tab.


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