About Us

Hi all,

Temple and I have been backyard birders forever, (plus or minus a few years)… For most of the past decade we’ve also been photographing our birds and sharing them with other bird lovers on the web.

So here we’ll begin to blog some about the birds, photography, stories, and information we hope will be of interest and helpful to others with common interests. This page will offer a gateway to explore our photo galleries and articles about backyard birding. We’ll also try to answer any questions we can, and appreciate comments from everyone.

We hope to hear from you,



7 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi Kenn and Temple.
    Wow your photography is so beautiful. I just recently bought myself a Canon SX40. Please can you tell me how you get your background blurred with your SX30. Do you perhaps know if I can do it with the SX40 – I think I should be able too but have no idea how to do it. Thank You so much.
    Kind Regards fro a cold but sunny South Africa.
    Christa van Rooyen.

    • Hi Christa, and thanks for your comment.

      I wrote about this subject briefly in our July 9th posting – “Toyzoom”:

      “The soft blurred background effect is a great benefit of long focal length lenses with short minimum focus distances. The SX30 and SX40 both do this wonderfully well in closeup shots, turning a mundane surburban backyard into a variety of quite lovely backdrops for our birds.”

      Using focal lengths at or near full-zoom and focusing on subjects at short distances results in very shallow DOF (depth of field). We nearly always shoot at the long-end of the lens, and focusing on the birds at less than 25ft nicely blurs both the background and any foreground elements in the frame as well.

      You can find further discussions of this and lots of other tips on Birding with Superzooms here:


      Hope this is helpful,


  2. Hi – I really enjoy your photos. May I use a few of these photos for my artwork? I am taking oil paint lessons and would love to practice painting from some of your photos, but wanted to get your permission first. Thank you for sharing all these wonderful pictures. They are really lovely. Charlene

    • Hi Charlene

      Our photos are freely available to all our visitors on the web (at the sizes posted) for any personal, educational, or non-commercial use.

      Thanks for your comments, and best luck with your painting.


  3. WOW. These are such lovely bird pics. I’m an avid birder and I’m curious; what type of lens are you using to get the close ups? We are VERY beginner photographers. We have a Nikon that’s OK but we would like to get a better more powerful lense for the bird pictures which can be difficult to get. BTW, we have bluebirds nesting and about to fledge; I’ve seen the first brood feed the 2nd brood before; it’s great. 🙂

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